PSYCHO-Energetic Techniques to Transform Stress into Vitality

Invites to its first seminar of handling and control of the stress:
Includes: Lodging, Food, Workshops, Transportation

Do you suffer from stress and over-pressure in your life or in your workplace and do not know how to relax?
Have you become dependent on coffee, cigar or alcohol to feel at ease with your family and work life?
Is it difficult for you to be in peace and in touch with yourself and need external stimuli (parties, meetings, people in your home, etc.) to feel good?
Do you have one or more of the following: chronic neck pain, back pain, gastritis, nervous colitis, insomnia, migraine, anxiety, exhaustion, high blood pressure, gastroduodenal ulcer?
Has your doctor told you that your condition is nervous or stressful and has prescribed drugs to treat them?
Do you have nervous tics, do you eat your nails, clench your jaws unconsciously or are you very apprehensive?
Has your character changed and now do you feel irritable, intolerant, depressed or anxious?
Have you become a recurring consumer of antacids, analgesics, anxiolytics, hypnotics and / or muscle relaxants?
Is your sleep pattern intermittent or do you sleep but you get up with fatigue and lack of energy and are you often sleepy all day?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then …

In this seminar you will learn to:
* Understand family, social and work stress and its psychodynamics.
* Understand the psycho-neuro-immunological factors of stress and its socio-labor impact.
* Most importantly, diagnose and learn to reduce many physical symptoms derived from it, modifying behavior patterns, emotion and negative thoughts.
* Increase your ability to handle situations and times of high stress, without affecting your physical, mental and emotional balance.
* Use effective psycho-energy techniques to transform stress into vitality (Buddhist, Taoist, Ayurvedic, cognitive, transactional analysis, PNL, bioenergetic, mind control, computerized biofeedback, biofield management techniques, etc.)
* Transmute a state of stress into a state of creative energy, thereby increasing personal power.
* Change stressful atmospheres in vibrant environments and thus significantly improve your quality of life and that of those around you.
* Help others transform their stress into vital energy.
* Use homeopathy and specific herbalism to control insomnia, stress and anxiety.


It has now been medically proven that health-disease processes are intimately related to the emotional response and the mental and affective patterns of people.

New research in the field of immunology, have explained the mind-body interaction, which has been known for millennia by Eastern philosophies. Psychoneuroimmunology is a frontier science that scientifically explains these interactions and their applications – such as biofeedback, positron neuroimaging, meditation, tai-chi, etc. – allow the study of neurohumoral and neuroimmune mechanisms of action as well as therapeutic effects In humans

There are publications in medical journals of great prestige and high scientific level that explain everything described. However, the community in general can receive the benefit of this knowledge and apply it to improve their daily lives. The staff of tourism companies, the health, the entrepreneur or the employee and in general everyone needs it.

The new proposals invite us to look at the human being holistically (as a whole), as a cell, organs, emotions, thoughts, as an individual, as a family and as a society. A sick human being implies alteration of his emotions and his mind, therefore, a sick family and a sick work environment. Today, the treatment is insufficient only from the pharmacological or surgical perspective. The patient who is under intense stress requires a holistic approach suitable to enhance the medical act. The therapeutic intervention must treat spirit, mind, emotion and body, that is what integrative medicine is all about.

Mind-body medicine is a boundary discipline of medical practice that has been validated in the United States and in Europe. It is derived from neurophysiology, immunology, psychology, neuropsychology and neuroimaging, among others. Its main proponents from classical medicine are at Harvard University, Ohio University, Johns Hopkins Hospital and Chicago Children’s Memorial Hospital, among others.

Clinical practice and research have proved the efficacy of mind-body treatments in patients with symptoms related to stress and chronic conditions in general.

An up-to-date health system needs effective and innovative treatments that drive prevention of disease in principle. Likewise, it is very valuable to motivate people to stay healthy and also to encourage the participation and responsibility of the patient in their own care, working synergistically with the health professional. Mind-body medicine tools fully meet these demands.

Addressed to:
* Entrepreneurs, managers, managers, supervisors, coordinators, vendors.
* Employees in areas of customer service (receptionists, secretaries, nurses, therapists, concierges, housekeepers, quality supervisors, human resources staff).
* People who work in environments of high stress and labor demand.
* People who wish to improve their quality of family, social or work life.
* Everyone interested in understanding mind-body medicine and how it can be applied positively in daily life.

The program will be led by a select team of professionals in the medical field and psychology.
Dr. Cuauhtémoc Hernández Maya. Doctor Surgeon graduate cum laude. Former resident of the National Institute of Pediatrics. Specialist in Medical Acupuncture and Phytotherapy. Professor of Chi Kung for health, mind-body medicine and psycho-corporal bioenergetics.
Dr. Leslie Gómez Martínez. Surgeon. Specialist in Pediatrics, graduated from the Spanish Hospital of Mexico. Professor of mind-body medicine and psycho-corporal bioenergetics in children and adults.

Therapist Alma Rosa Martínez Sánchez. Tanatologist, Master’s Degree in Humanistic Gestalt Psychotherapy.
Therapist Ivonne Kosberg. Clinical Masoterapist. Trained at Conneticut Center for Massage Therapy and Yale Hospital New Heaven.

Module 1. Understanding what stress is.

1.- At the end of this module the student will be able to know and understand the concept of stress, identify its main causes and effects.

* Definition of stress (physical, emotional and mental reactions.)
* Causes and stressors
* Types of stress and stages
* Difference between stress and distress
* Consequences on health (psychophysiological disorders, emotional difficulties, toxic habits)
* Stress and individual psychoenergetic characteristics.

Module 2. Analyzing stress.

2.- At the end of this module the student will be able to know and understand the mechanisms producing anxiety producers in the family, social and work environment and its resulting end: Burnout Syndrome.

* Individual differences in the stress process.
* Personality types more prone to stress.
* Stress at work. Sources of labor tension.
* Stress in work groups and in labor relations.
* Stress, family and life goals. Excessive ambition.
* Symptoms of exhaustion and anxiety.
* General Adaptation Syndrome or Burnout Syndrome.

Module 3. Stress, body, mind and energy.

3.- At the end of the module the student will be able to understand what are the psycho-corporeal and bio-energetic models of the human being and how they are affected by stress. You will also have self-assessed and know your individual degree of stress.

* Bioenergetics of Yin Yang and the 5 Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Personality and the Human Body.
* The Transactional Analysis model: I Parent, I Adult, I Child.
* Diagnosis of corporal psycho-somatic models, energy blockages and characterological breastplates. Its relationship with acupuncture meridians and psychosomatic diseases.
* Individual diagnosis of the degree of stress.

Module 4. Transmuting stress in vitality.

4.- At the end of this module the student will be able to apply the techniques for the prevention and transformation of family, social or work stress in patterns more full of life and health.

Psycho-cognitive section.

* Cognitive Restructuring: Changing the mind and changing moods. Learning to see the good in each company, in each position and in each situation.
* Positive thinking: Time management, optimizing priorities, improving communication. Change in perception of problems and needs, create problem solving strategies.
* Rational-emotional therapy. What is self-control? Do my desires only cause me more stress? Free yourself from attachment and look for another “cheese”.
* Psychological reversal and secondary gain or syndrome: “poor me as I suffer and no one can help me”.
* Cognitive-behavioral strategies. How can I be better in my family and work?
* Cognitive construction of reality and its modification.
* Promotion of social support.
* Life Coaching: Rapid help strategies for participants. Effective communication.
* Neuro-linguistic programming applied to health.
* Discovering the keys to self motivation. Setting goals and building a valuable life project. Do I want to improve my quality of life?
* Therapeutic use of Humor and optimism.
* Holidays of 5 minutes and vacations of real rest.

Psycho-energetic section. Psycho-physiological techniques to transmute tension and stress.

* Kinesthesic Induction: Re-learning to recognize your own body.
* Release body tension: yoga, stretching and deep muscle massage.
* Body work: progressive muscle relaxation.
* We do not know how to breathe! Learn to breathe: Prana yama and Buddhist breathing.
* Empty the mind and emotions: Vipassana and Zen meditation.
* Introduction to self-hypnosis. The Silva method of Mental Control.
* Unlocking the bioenergetic points of the body: Japanese Shiatsu, Chinese-style Tui-Na, foot reflexology, Chi Kung Automatization.
* Unlocking my mind and my emotions: Techniques of the field of thought, technique Tappas and technique Silva of the three fingers.
* Chi Kung for health: Self massage of meridians, smile to the internal organs, Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal automation), eye movements, release of the temporo-mandibular joint.
* Aromatherapy and music therapy as a complement to the management of stress
* Basic techniques for sleep health. No more nightly news!
* Yoga of dreams.
* Technological stress monitoring: Computerized biofeedback: the link between myocardial stress and emotional stress.
* What do I do with excess energy (anxiety, frustration, rancor, anger) ?: Creative Visualization to transmute negative energy into health and prosperity.
* Non-pharmacological aids: Homeopathic medicines and herbalists useful for the treatment of stress.

Module 5. Beyond stress … growing awareness and spirit. Advanced techniques for longevity, bioenergetic protection and spiritual growth:

* Gaia’s help: nature heals us. Healing techniques with the 4 elements.
* Auxiliary of our indigenous roots: The therapeutic temazcal.
* Biofield Techniques: The sealing and cleaning of the aura.
* Hand of healing, power and healing.
* Stress and spirituality. Empathy, self-esteem, assertiveness and respect.
* Do I deserve to be happy? Acquiring the tools to create happiness.
* How to create your protection totem.


* There is no other workshop that integrates personal, business, work, psycho-cognitive, behavioral, bioenergetic and spiritual aspects.
* Highly effective psychoenergetic techniques for stress transformation will be taught, which can be used at all times.
* The dynamics of the workshop is eminently practical and integrative at the psychoenergetic level.
* In addition to the usual techniques, we have Biofeedback equipment, which allows an objective and scientific assessment of the stress profile and the ability to relax and manage stress. With the above you will be able to visualize the quality of life that you can have yourself as you handle stress in the present.
* You can start the training of relaxation techniques and give you a highly professional biotechnological follow up.
* Recommendations and prescriptions of homeopathic medicines and herbalists will be made for the treatment of stress. (Treatment and prevention)
* Bioenergy practices will be performed on the beach during the morning and at night.
* Acupuncture treatment, neural therapy, homeopathy and deep muscle massage for stress (with additional cost).


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