Surfing in Los Cabos

The tao of the surf

Ever since Mike Doyle, American surf champion, instructor and artist, landed in Los Cabos in the 1970s,it has been a world-famous surf beach. From early mornings onwards, colorful surfboards can be seen dotting the ocean, sharing the vast sea with families of humpback whales.

Cabo San Lucas tour de 25h de avistamiento de ballenas
Watch 30-ton humpback whales breach out of the water on an unforgettable 2.5-hour whale watching tour with guaranteed sightings. Learn more about these magnificent creatures with a marine biologist, and listen to them singing on hydrophones.

Many early-bird surfers claim to see them and even hear them sing while they shred the waves. Riders from all over the world have followed in Doyle´s footsteps and made the pilgrimage to Los Cabos to discover the meaning of life through surfing. Doyle has become a surf guru, but the truth is that the sea is the best teacher, whoever manages to understand its teachings will one day pay it forward.

Los Cabos  hoverboard session
Fly and surf above the water effortlessly on a water-propelled hoverboard. Ride and sail in total freedom on glistening sea waters. Benefit from the help of trained professionals to ensure an exciting and safe ride.

This concept can be seen all over the beach today, as Los Cabos is home to a new generation of parents that are passing on the gift of surf to their children. You can see parents teaching their kids surfing basics on land first, these techniques quickly becoming solid principles once in the water, kids happily flying over the constant rolling of the waves.

cerritos beach
Visit the spectacular surfing beach at Cerritos and spend a day with an experienced instructor learning to surf on a soft-top board. You’ll get plenty of individual attention and are likely to begin enjoying your holiday in Los Cabos even more!

Surfing is, to say the last, a showdown between the man and nature, a delight for surfers and spectators alike. Walk along the beaches of Los Cabos and you will encounter a mosaic of stories told by the sea and surf: a couple in search of the perfect wave, a solitary woman conquering the surf, a father teaching his child how to surf for the first time is giving her the tools to overcome anything in life.

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