Tulum hotel and ruins

Hotel Tulum

Habitas Tulum. Our home is for self- expression in a tropical oasis.

Create a reality in which you need no escape. Rest under an open jungle courtyard as you reconnect to your inner child. Mindful ceremonies, soulful meats, ritualistic concerts await. $ 3.900 MXN per night.

The main reason you will want to stop or visit Tulum is because of the ruins. While the ruins are fairly preserved, the location is the real draw. The ruins are perched on a cliff overlooking the beautiful turquoise of the Caribbean Sea, contrasted against the vibrant green of the grass and plants of the grounds. While there are no large impressive buildings, the buildings that are there give an understanding of how this ancient city was laid out. Along the way, there are numerous descriptive placards that provide decent explanations of the buildings and life of the Mayan inhabitants.

Time to Visit: Go early or later in the day. As with many tourist spots, especially those near resort town, the ruins can fill up with loads of day-trippers from Cancun and the area. The ruins open at 8 AM. When I arrived at about 7.45 AM, there were less than twenty of us standing in line to get in. By 9.30, it was evident that the first of the buses were beginning to arrive, and by 10 AM, the full invasion was underway.

Shops: At the main entryway to the ruins, there is a collection of shops and restaurants (reminiscent of a strip mall) where you can buy various crafts and souvenirs. Here you can hire a guide in several languages to show you around the ruins. Also, here there is a demonstration of the Danza de Los Voladores. If may have seen pictures of these guys as they twirl around in the air, suspended by a rope attached to their feet and a high pole. This ritual represents the yearly calendar with the four men spinning thirteen times to reach the 52 weeks of the year. One of the guys will come around to collect donations a little insistently. I hear him say to a couple who did not initially want to pay that they should pay if they are watching the performance.