Zenti Project natural thermal pool at Valladolid

Valladolid is a Magic Town with much more than you can imagine, in the center of the city is Zenti’k Project. Why not to stop here in your visit to Chichen Itza.

Zenti’k is an artistic hotel with a gallery of photos and paintings that keeps its best secret underground: a cave with thermal waters that allows Living a magical experience at the edge of a cave where water is born naturally from this cave at high temperature and floods the body with therapeutic benefits.
For an unforgettable ride, rent a bike and explore the picturesque magic town of Valladolid.
In Zenti’k Project we seek to achieve a living Gallery in a luxurious,  ecological and artistic environment.

Exquisite cabins made based on typical Mayan technics and materials,
with grass roof and Bajareque walls, every room comes with a hammock, private deck, A/C, ceiling fans and everything to provide convenience and comfort.
Exclusive organic amenities with international recognition.