Muyil Chunyaxche archaeological and adventure tour

Muyil reserve at Siaan Kaan

Is a recommended site at south of Tulum,  seeing for the Riviera Maya visitors, is a combination of history and adventure.Discover and explore nature and ruins.

Muyil adventure includes a 40 minutes trekking through the jungle passing by a couple of cenotes, till arriving to a lagoon where you can rent kayaks or take a ride in a small boat through the lagoon to jump in the fresh water and let you float in the water channels created by the ancient Mayas.

Muyil or Chunyaxche are the modern names of this archaeological site because of the lagoons which are near the area; is the most notorious pre-Hispanic constructions in the side of the Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve in the south of Tulum.

This reserve is divided in two areas and just one is open for the general public. It’s known that it was a high population density in the pre-Hispanic period from the year 300 B.C. till the first decades of the XVI century; this is known because of the many civic religious constructions.

Muyil Muyil Muyil