In Mayan language means “The island of swallows”. The island is a paradise on earth! A place of incredible beauty, and a tourist destination with magical sunsets for romance. This island became a world-class destination ending the 50´s and is located facing Playa del Carmen, only a 40-minute ferry ride. Cozumel has an international airport and a port-of-call which receives cruises from all over the world.


Some of the great activities you must do in Cozumel are scuba, diving and snorkeling, as very close to the island runs the second world’s largest reef barrier with spectacular, colored coral landscapes. The island is ideal to spend the day on the beaches far from downtown, where many beach clubs of different styles are located and offer visitors delicious options.

Cozumel beach

At night, enjoy delicious dinners from the varied options of restaurants that the island has to offer. Then move to any of the great bars and discos! People in Cozumel are friendly and warm! You can also go shopping to find the most exquisite jewelry, perfumes, accessories and watches. Downtown there is a museum where you can learn and view the amazing Maya culture. Visit the archaeological site of San Gervasio, an important center of politics and trade of the ancient Maya.

Cozumel sunset

Cozumel is a big island, so, is not enough just to walk downtown. We recommend you rent a car or motorbike for sightseeing. The best beaches are the ones a little far from downtown.

Cozumel island