Cigar Roller in Tulum

Cigar Roller at Riviera Maya

For your next event: wedding, party or meeting we have a personalized cigar roller service ready at your cocktail time.

We made cigars with finest tobacco from Veracruz Mexico, Rolled by hand in your event you can check quality, smell it and taste. Most of customers love cigars and order them once arrive to home.

Cigars roller

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Tulum cigar roller Tulum cigar roller Tulum cigar roller Tulum cigar roller Tulum cigar roller

About Mexican Tobacco Cigars:

Mexico is home to a number of quality-produced cigars as well as imports most famous Cuban Cigars.

If you are looking to buy Cuban cigars you will have no problem finding them, especially in the Mayan Riviera. Best place to find is Isla Mujeres because many Cuban fishermen bring there o trade for other stuff.

We recommend purchasing them from a legitimate cigar store and sealed box.

If you buy from the black-market or units you probably will not receive the cigar you think you are buying. But most copies are made with good quality tobacco and many afficionado can’t note difference.

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FAKES about Cuban Cigars:

In Cuba every person has an uncle or friend who works in a cigar factory.
They tell you that they are allowed to take home 3 cigars every day.
They carefully save their cigars then obtain a box and sell them at a dramatically reduced price.

First off the cigars are allegedly from a “seconds” pile.
In most cigar factories when there is a bad cigar they unwrap it and reuse the tobacco or they use the tobacco for cigarettes.
The black-market cigars have rings that are made from color laser printers or color photocopiers.
The boxes they come in are bad reproductions, used boxes or stolen.
The official labels are fakes but good reproductions.

The whole idea behind black-market cigars is to fool you and customs.
However you can usually try a cigar before you buy them and sometimes the cigars are good and worth every penny, even more.
As a matter of fact sometimes you do receive the real cigar on the black-market, it’s a tricky business.

Authentic cigars

The amount of authentic cigars that make it over to Mexico on the black-market is minimal.
Mexico is not like Cuba and you are not hounded to buy cigars wherever you go.
There are legal cigar stores in every city that carry great assortments of imported cigars and tobacco.
Generally speaking I have found cigars to be 1/6th the cost of the same Cuban cigar sold in Canada.
You can also buy single cigars, rolling papers and all assorted smoking paraphernalia.

Cigars at Resorts

Most resorts carry a limited number of brands in their store and some resorts even have well equipped cigar stores.
Prices are generally higher than the stores in town.

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