Cenote Ik-Kil en la carretera Chichen Itza Valladolid

Strategically located in the heart of the archaeological zone of “Chichén ltza”, a few steps from the ceremonial hystorical center, surrounded by plants, flowers and abundant vegetation, where birds, butterflies and wild animals live in healthy balance and harmony.

Here in the “Mundo Maya”, is where our visitors and guests, can enjoy  and contact with the wild nature and at the same time, the comfort that modern technology offers us in each room.

Our palapas are specially built to provide maximum environmental comfort, surrounded by the most beautiful plants and flowers characteristic of the Mayan region … Making your stay in the “Eco-archaeological Park lk-kil unforgettable!

Discover the “Mayan Paradise”, the place where kings and their court enjoyed contact with nature for meditation and rest. Swim in its transparent waters, which keep the secret of the Mayan royalty. Penetrate the bowels of the “Cenote Azul” is something that I will never forget and that will surely return to your home … Yucatan!

Rent a private Bus transportation from Riviera Maya to Ik-Kil and Chichen Itza