Casa Violeta

Casa Violeta Tulum

A place where guests could come to recharge and reconnect with their spiritual essence. Often times, we are so consumed with the ever-running list of tasks in our daily lives that we put our soul’s nourishment on the backburner. A place where people could delight completely in their senses and truly escape.  An antidote to our fast-paced, technologically-driven world, Casa Violeta offers both natural, physical beauty and a spiritually-rich atmosphere, in which guests can connect to their higher selves. Our restaurant offers healthy food and a breathtaking view of the ocean. Our beachfront spa features many different healing treatments, including authentic Mayan massages that tap into the incredible local history. Last year, we built a new yoga palapa, where guests can enjoy the sights, sounds and aromas of the ocean while deepening their practice with attentive, expert teachers.
Whether you’re looking for a romantic excursion, a place to spend quality time with your loved ones or a solo getaway, Casa Violeta will ensure that you leave a different person than when you arrived.


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