Considered one of the more omate ceremonial Maya sites, Pichen is also believed to have been a flourishing commercial center that enjoyed trade with numerous cities in the southern Gulf.
55 miles sw of Merida

Dzibil Chattun
One of the better reconstructed sites, Dzibil Chaltun is conveniently Iocated from the Yucatan capital of Merida. The site boasts numerous temples and a vast array of surrounding structures.
10 miles of Merida

Considered among themost magnificent of the Mayan cities, founded around 600A.D. and features omate carvings, sweeping arches and a systematic layout covering a mile.
48 miles (80km) of Merida

One of the lates restoration site, perfect conditions of monuments.
30 miles from Valladolid

Visit of Ek Balam & Valladolid   provides insight into a very different style of Mayan architecture.
The construction and decoration of Ek Balam’s buildings was completed with stucco and limestone mortar, not the stone carvings found at Chichen Itza, Coba or the Tulum Ruins.

In addition to the highly decorated and detailed structures of Ek Balam has unique features.
Sacbes, which are man-made roads, lead into the center of the city that is protected by an unusual wall.

The Mayas took the four cardinal points into great consideration when building their city giving Ek Balam a deeper spiritual significance

Chichen Itza
El CastilIo (also known as the 1 Pyramid of Kukuican) towers above the jungle top. It has exactly 365 steps, testimony to the Maya use of the calendar.
El Castillo overlooks surrounding temples and dates to around 600 AD.
There is a night light show too.
67 miles (116 kms) east of Merida.

Among Maya ruins, Tul’um is unique in two respects: It is the only known walled Maya city and the only one to abut the Caribbean. The city dates from 1200 to 1400 AD.
Its principal structure. the pyramid known as the castle, sits atop a bluff overtooking the sea and the partiany rebuitt city.
80 miles (131 kms) south of Cancun

Only recently discovered, Edzna us one of the least-visited Maya sites –and . one of the most spectacular. A restoration is  in progress.
35 miles (55 kms) SE of Campeche

One of the older Maya sites, Kohumich dates to about 300 AD. but much of the site remains unexplored. Kohumich was believed to be primarily a ceremonial site.
255 miles (425 kms) SW of Cancun

This sprawling city covers more Iand than any other known site -10 square miles -and boasts the tallest Maya pyramid, 12 stories tall. The city peaked around 600 AD.
26 miles (42 kms NW of Tulum

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